Autumn Fun at St Fagans


Autumn has well and truly arrived. I don’t mind the cold so much, but I’d rather it wouldn’t rain (wouldn’t we all!?) because then it means we get to enjoy lovely days out like this!
If you grew up in South Wales I can guarantee you’ve been to St Fagan’s Welsh History Museum at least three times, but even as grownups myself and Mr H love it there!
It’s a fab day out for all the family and is free too! You have to pay £3 for parking, but that’s all day, and then that’s it, no entry fees.

For those who don’t know, or have never visited, the museum has many examples of life in Wales. From the Celtic village, to the majestic castle, right through the farm houses and 60’s pre fab home, they are set up exactly how life was during that era. My personal favourite is the row of terraced houses, complete with gardens. I’d love to go back to the 40’s/50’s and have veg growing in the garden, making bread everyday and generally being a traditional housewife, not for everyone I know! I’d love a 50’s dress, hair style too, but I’d have to sneak a pair of converse back in time with me.

Sticking with the retro theme, my second favourite places to visit are the Bake house and shop and the Gwalia stores. All conveniently located in the same “village” area. I love imagining life in a village like that, visiting the post office and making small talk with all the shop keepers! You can shop ‘for real’ in the Bake house and Gwalia stores. I could easily kit out my kitchen with the retro tins and bake ware from the shop. And no visit is complete without a loaf of bread and a sugar mouse to take home!

 G is at a great age to start enjoying places like this. Appropriately attired in his wellies he threw himself into the proper autumn activity that is leaf diving! He had an absolutely fab time running through them, throwing them and crunching them. It completely cemented for me that we can enjoy some outdoor fun whatever time of year it is. Next step is to buy G a decent waterproof suit, and me some wellies and we’ll be good for the rest of Autumn and Winter!

I was slow collecting some dry leaves for Autumn crafts; we were too busy jumping through them. By the time I thought of it, it had (has) been raining for days. Unless someone has a good craft that requires leaf mush, I’m out of ideas!

Where are your favourite places to visit locally? Do you get to enjoy the outdoors in Autumn?

Mrs H xxx


5 thoughts on “Autumn Fun at St Fagans

  1. It looks lovely here and somewhere I’d love to visit, so refreshing to find somewhere that doesn’t charge entry too. I love your vision of time long ago, how refreshing it would be, for a few days anyway! As for the leaf craft, the wet ones dry out really quickly if you spread them out indoors, jut got to catch them fairly freshly fallen, they are still tumbling into soggy piles here on the farm, I have some in a craft I’m doing this week. Love your fun of the moment kicking the leaves around, I hope you got yourself that pair of wellies? thank you so much for popping over and joining in with #CountryKids


    • Thank you! It’s a bit idealistic…I’d probably have to take wifi and an iPhone tho haha! We’ve not managed to grab any “fresh” fallen leaves yet, just mush, but we’re going to try and dry some out this week. I’m still without wellies, maybe I’ll put them on my Christmas list 🙂 love #countrykids especially for more ideas at this time of year, thank you! 🙂 xx


  2. St Fagans is amazing! I haven’t been for a few years now but am looking forward to going on family days out when our little one is old enough.
    The bakery is my favourite, but when I was in school I loved the row of houses that move forward in time.
    Alana x


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