Alternative Halloween Films 

 Me and horror films don’t get on. Scream traumatised me for years, Halloween was a nightmare with masks popping up everywhere, and The Ring is still traumatising me. A grown woman really shouldn’t have to sprint up the stairs so fast just because the lights have gone off!

I still really enjoy Halloween, and it’s no secret that I love film night; I’m just no good with the horror films. So here are my alternative Halloween films, that won’t keep me up with the lights on for the next year.


Hocus Pocus – an obvious first choice. I love this film so much, all year, but especially at Halloween. Who doesn’t love Bette Midler for a start!? Suitable for children (slight fear factor) and adults too, a true Disney classic. I’ll be singing the creepy child luring song for weeks!
Addams Family Values – of course the first film is equally good for this time of year, but this was the one we had on video and my favourite. More suited to older children it has a mild scare factor and language. But nothing is better than the Thanksgiving pageant…Pugsley as a singing turkey, brilliant!


Practical Magic – one for the grownups, best enjoyed with a pitcher of margaritas! Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are both fab, but Stockard Channing steals it for me. Spooky enough to make me jump but not keep me awake with nightmares, this is a great grown up film for Halloween. Just don’t try the witch jump off the roof…unless you know you can fly of course.
Return to Oz – not a Halloween film I hear you say? Well if you enjoy scaring your littles (just a little bit) this is a good film for it. Jack Pumpkinhead was my first thought for a Halloween hint, but the Wheelers and all the Queen’s heads…terrifying for kids! Not as good as Wizard of Oz (of course) but I do enjoy it as a film in its own right.


Casper – a great kids film that has the feel good factor, and very little fear factor. Who hasn’t fallen in love with the cute, chubby cheeked ghost, and the adorable Christina Ricci? I still tear up at the end “can I keep you?” blub blub!
Will you be watching any Halloween themed films this week? Or are you braver than I, and enjoy a good horror?
Mrs H xxx


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