Our Halloween Plans

Last years pumpkin…must try harder this year!

 It’s half term and Halloween, and there are tons of events on locally during the holiday. I usually avoid anywhere public during half term, prices go up and it’s always too busy for taking a little baby out. Soft play is a special kind of hell during the holidays. Except now he’s not a baby anymore, he’s a very bright and energetic toddler who would enjoy the chance to join in some activities.

I wanted to do so much, and visit so many places during this half term. In fact my biggest problem was going to be how we’d fit in all the activities, places and crafts into just one week. I was prepared to face the crowds (too many people give me anxiety) and I know G would love it.

Now, due to some ill health, it doesn’t look like we’ll be doing half as much as I’d planned. But instead of sulking about it, I’m planning a load of crafts and activities that we can do at home instead. I’m still going to try and get out a bit, because it would be nice for G to be able to join in and have some company his own age, but the week won’t be as jam packed as I thought it would be.

I’m hoping we can have a little party in the house at the end of the week too, so all these activities can help with decorations too!

I don’t know how many of these we’ll get through, but here are some of the activities we’re hoping to do this week (thanks Pinterest!)

Potato ‘pumpkin’ printing

Happy Halloween bunting

Toilet roll Bats (I need to use up the million and one loo rolls I’ve been hoarding!)

Bloody window clings

Pumpkin carving

Spiced pumpkin seeds

Toffee apples

Creepy cookies

Paper plate black cats

Spooky sensory bins (spaghetti worms, jelly eyeballs etc…a classic game!)

If you’re still looking for things to do in and around Cardiff this week, check out these fab guides from Cardiff Mummy Says and Cookies and Cwtches. 

Do you have any trips planned this half term? Or will you be getting crafty too?

Mrs H xxx


4 thoughts on “Our Halloween Plans

  1. I usually plan lots but we’re getting over illness here too so I think I’ll be doing the minimum this year. Our local pumpkin farm has sold out of pumpkins, so we missed out on picking a fresh one this year. Danny is camping on actual halloween so I’ll be driving a fair way that evening, then back to family for a party I hope. Have fun! We love crafting too! x


  2. Ali says:

    Aw thanks for mentioning me lovely 🙂 I hope you are feeling better soon and can get out and about to do something but there are also lots of Halloween crafts you can do at home if need be!


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