Tenby Food Diary 


One of the most beautiful places


As autumn is well and truly on its way, we’re reminiscing of our ‘end of summer’ trip to Tenby, only a few weeks ago. We were very lucky weather-wise, and seemed to scrape the last of the ‘summer’ out of Wales. There’s no denying the evenings are definitely cooler now.

Myself, Mr H, G and my parents, had a lovely week in one of the most beautiful places in Wales. Probably the world to be honest.

It was a wonderful week filled with exactly what this blog, and my life, is all about. Food, family and fun! It was lovely to see G enjoying the trip so much more than last year, and getting to explore and join in.

We stayed in a lovely house right in Tenby town centre (huge thanks to my lovely parents!) which felt so homely and cosy. I could have happily moved in! It certainly felt made for me when I found a Nigella cookbook, polka dot table cloth and Christmas cd in the gorgeous kitchen. I didn’t put the cd on, but it made it feel like my kitchen 😀

Being so close to the beach was lovely. The sea air is good for the soul. And for my Mum to take G on endless walks when he was fighting naps! Me and Mr H were truly spoilt that week; my parents were invaluable for childcare, especially at night, taking over the baby monitor. We were incredibly lucky to have a little break and a few lay ins! Don’t worry, mum and dad have a holiday coming up, so they can have their well deserved break too.

We’re a pretty foodie family, and Tenby is the perfect place for us. There are many pubs and restaurants to choose from, all serving a big range of delicious food, including plenty of seafood as you’d expect.  

Ice cream stop at Feccis!

The Hope and Anchor – this is a firm favourite of my Dads, it serves a nice selection of craft ales and good food. We’ve been lucky to catch the good weather when we’ve visited here, and only ever sat in the small beer garden, which is quite full of tables, there was a little squeezing and climbing to get sat down, but it’s not overly cramped when you’ve settled at a bench table, though the high chair was another challenge and didn’t sit as close to the table as I’d like.

It’s the food that keeps us going back though. The seafood especially. Mackerel, sea bass, and a lovely seafood platter were all enjoyed.

The Buccaneer – Mr H and I discovered this friendly pub on a day trip to Tenby last year. It was chosen mainly because it could fit in the large group we were with rather than the menu, but we were so glad we found it! 

Again we seem to end up in the beer garden, but this is half covered and has heaters so it’s suitable for most weathers. Bench tables mean, again, the highchairs can’t get right up to the table, but G was happy enough, especially as he could wave and chat to the next table!

Terrible lighting, amazing food!

The food here is delicious; my classic surf and turf was exceptional! King prawns, well seasoned steak and a delicious creamy sauce. My mouth’s watering at the memory! 

But I think what singles this pub out is that not only does it taste delicious but the portion sizes are extremely generous. And by generous I mean huge! We could have happily had a few visits here and work through more of the menu.

The Bay Tree – Mr H and I were treated to a night out to ourselves (yes I am aware how spoilt we were on this trip!) and we weren’t sure where we wanted to go. There were a few ideas and recommendations, 

Tenby is so full of nice places to eat it actually becomes a problem deciding where to go! The only thing we were going on was that Mr H fancied a decent steak. I’d already had a steak earlier in the week (Surf and Turf) so I was looking to try anything. After looking at a few of the menus, and online reviews, the Bay Tree seemed a good choice. 

We almost gave it a miss when we found a sign at the door saying there was live music that night. It’s not that we’re against live music! But we wanted a nice evening out to talk, not be drowned out by loud music. Luckily we decided to try it anyway. The music (a very good female singer) was set up in the front bar area, the restaurant being further back, so you could hear it and enjoy it, but it wasn’t too loud or over powering.

Mackerel pate

I’ve had lots of nice/ok steaks, but it’s hard for me to find one that I can rave about. I like my steak to be one round of CPR away from coming back to life. I know it’s not for everyone, but anything more than rare just isn’t for me. This is something a lot of restaurants struggle with. I understand not everyone is willing to serve ‘blue’ steak, but even getting a proper rare steak is, well, rare. They always seem to arrive medium. It’s a “first world problem” for me. If I ever find somewhere that say they’ll serve blue steak I’m almost always guaranteed to order one. 

The waitress here didn’t even hesitate when I asked; it was a very quick yes. So we both ordered steak.
I am so glad we did! I must have mentioned how great that steak was every day since!


the elusive blue steak

These are just a few of the places we visited for food; it certainly becomes a food holiday when we go to Tenby for the week!

Have you ever been to Tenby? Do you have a favourite place to eat?
Mrs H xxx


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