Summer (and Beyond) Bucket List 

I realise that for many of you the summer holidays have been well underway for a few weeks, and you’re more than likely starting to look for new shoes, shirts, pencil cases and back packs ready for September and going back to school! 

However as G is only 15 months we don’t have to stick to the holidays to visit places and do things. It’s almost harder to do stuff during the school holidays because everywhere becomes so busy and expensive! 

I’ve been feeling like we weren’t doing much, mainly because everyone else is cramming as much into their limited time as they can. So inspired by Cardiff Mummy Says, I’ve written out a ‘to-do’ list to give us some ideas when we’re not sure where to go or what to do. 

Here is our “Summer (and Beyond) Bucket List”
Visit Cardiff Bay Beach
Invite the cousins round for a splash in our pool
Play knights at Cardiff castle
Explore the sculpture trail in Tongwynlais
Try lots of new foods
Go down the big slide at Roath Park (and go to Joe’s for ice cream!)
Splash in the new lido at Ynys Angharad park, Pontypridd (open from 29th August)
Explore Caerphilly and find all the parks (due to be our new ‘local’)
Get geeky at the Doctor Who experience
Take Grampy bowling (he’s never been before!)
Have a carpet picnic and watch Disney films (this may be my choice…)
Meet lots of animals at Amelia Trust farm, Cefn Mably farm or Green meadow farm
Start geocaching, heard Cardiff Bay Barrage is a good one
Feed the ducks at Cosmeston Lakes
Find a splash pad park in Cardiff or nearby
Have a big family bbq
Get really sandy and paddle in the sea at Barry Island
Collect pebbles at Penarth beach (and run down the pier!)
Join the local library and check out any events they may have
See the fish at Pugh’s Garden centre
Get messy and have a ‘make your own’ pizza night
Eat fresh bread and cakes at St Fagan’s museum
Go camping (lots!)
Use up a lot of the crafts stash
Buy new wellies and go to the park in the rain
Go on holiday (is it cheating that this has been booked for a while!?)
Hunt a Gruffalo and Fairies at the Mountain View Ranch
De-clutter the house and give lots away to charity (family effort needed before we move!)
Roar at the lions at folly Farm
Have a family picnic at Victoria Park
What would be/is on your Summer must do list? Is there anything else you think should be on ours? 
Mrs H xxx


12 thoughts on “Summer (and Beyond) Bucket List 

  1. A says:

    Caerphilly Castle and Castel Coch are both lovely to take the kids! Also, maybe try Brecon Railway! It goes from Merthyr to Brecon, and when you get to Brecon there’s an amazing Ice-Cream parlour there 🙂 Sure the kids will love it (I surely do!).

    – A


  2. This is a great list! We did the giant slide at Roath Park last week … I didn’t know it was still there! I’d add play on the beach at Tenby to the list if you’re heading to Folly Farm, it’s one of my favourite places (but I’m further west than you so might be biased!).
    Have fun ticking them off!
    Alana x


  3. Sounds like you have a lot of fun coming your way! I have so many places that I want to go but struggle as I don’t drive which means we can only go on weekends when hubby is home and then it is usually raining!
    Enjoy ticking these off your list 🙂


  4. So many great ideas on this list! I’m with you – things are definitely too busy in the summer holidays when you have little ones. Hopefully we’ll get nice weather in september and can head out and enjoy these places when they are a bit quieter!


  5. Love this idea. My littlest is only two so we will hopefully be able to enjoy some sunny days together if the sun decides to make an appearance in September… I’m not holding my breath though!


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