An Early Anniversary Trip


The Gower, so beautiful

This week Mr H and I took a short camping trip by ourselves to celebrate our wedding anniversary, and 10 years together, a little early. Our actual anniversary falls quite close to our big family trip planned for bank holiday weekend, so it felt that we’d be stressing to get everything sorted again for that weekend, so we took our trip early.

We missed the little guy like crazy of course, but it was lovely to relax in the sunshine and enjoy a few beers or ciders, and not have to worry about chasing him around the site, or getting up early in the morning.

On the Way!

The weather wasn’t forecast to be great, but it actually turned out glorious, so a lot of time was spent in the pool, which is another thing we don’t get to do for too long when G is with us.

Peace and Quiet…sort of

The campsite (the same as our little family trip in July) was pretty busy, summer holidays are in full swing and the site is a great place for families, so we knew it would be. But it’s the same site we’ve visited every year we’ve been together so we couldn’t think of anywhere else we’d rather celebrate. We were even lucky enough to pitch up in our favourite area!

Ready for a BBQ

The evening was spent cooking up a great big bbq, very meat heavy and much too much for two of us, and toasting ‘us’ with a glass of cheap and cheerful bucks fizz! Old habits die hard. And I actually prefer it to champagne. It’s easier to drink!



Our peaceful night was unfortunately disturbed at about 5am due to an air bed with a sneaky leak somewhere. Must replace that before the bank holiday because it left my back and hips in pieces! And a lie in was not on the cards, what with being surrounded by families with young children up early and running around the site in pjs waiting for breakfast to be cooked. It didn’t feel too bad to be disturbed though, as you get to wake up to the fresh air and sunshine (another reason a lie in a tent is rare) and the smells of breakfast being cooked. It was lovely to sit outside and read a trashy magazine or two, whilst Mr H whipped up one of his famous camping cooked breakfasts. They’re pretty special any way, but they taste even better when we’re camping. Though we kept breakfast fairly small this time because we knew we’d be stopping for a lovely meal for lunch on our way home. Normally we ‘stock up’ on breakfast so that it sees us through (with a few small snacks) until a bbq tea.

Last time we went camping we found a great local pub serving delicious food, so we made a point to stop for an anniversary meal before we went home to our munchkin.

The King Arthur, Reynoldston, is set in a beautiful little rural village (sheep are literally roaming free in the front beer garden). It serves afore mentioned delicious food, and also has beer from Mr H’s favourite craft ale brewery (Tiny Rebel) so it’s pretty much a winner all round!


Starters…was too excited by mains, so no photo of that

One of my favourite foods from childhood is whitebait, and I can hardly ever find it in restaurants, so as this is a permanent menu staple here, so for a starter I couldn’t choose anything else! I have to ‘stock up’ when I can. Mr H enjoyed cockles and laver bread, can you get any more Welsh!?
For mains we enjoyed a steak (not rare enough for me, but still delicious) and a King Arthur burger (ginormous!).

We planned to stop for a Joe’s ice cream on the way home once our food had gone down a bit, but we were still feeling pretty full so we’ll be visiting the Cardiff Joe’s soon to make up for it! (my weight loss is going exceptionally badly…can you tell!)
It was only a very short trip, but the hippy in me was refreshed and rejuvenated by spending time relaxing in the fresh air and nature. It was lovely to spend a little time just Mr H and I.
Do you get to spend much time just you and your partner? Where are your favourite places to visit together?
Mrs H xxx


5 thoughts on “An Early Anniversary Trip

  1. Sounds like you had such a lovely time. I recently came back from a camping trip but it was for a festival so slightly different. If you camp (or should I say glamp?!) with electric hook up, tesco currently have a deal on a very comfortable electric built in airbeds.. it’s by far the comfiest I’ve ever slept on! x


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