Very Over Excited About the New Park


Ynysangharad Park

Yesterday Mr H, G and I spent most of the day enjoying the sunshine in our own garden, playing in the splash pad and pool. It was the most time G has spent in the ‘big’ pool; despite starting to shiver he couldn’t get enough of running around and throwing the coloured ball pit balls around. He’s still not a fan of getting too much water in his face or going under water, which is something I want to work on from September (when the swimming pools are quieter!).


We went to a local pub we’d been recommended for dinner, which was lovely, and afterwards were slightly surprised at how warm and lovely the evening was staying, especially as the temperature has been dropping so quickly in the evenings lately. So we decided to take a walk around the new play area at Ynysangharad Park, Pontypridd. It’s a park close to our house that we often walk to, so for it to be updated and the lido renovated was quite exciting. Especially as G grows and can enjoy it more. It will only be a short drive when we move too, so it will still be easy to visit.

The ‘old’ park was quite good, certainly one of the better parks. It had a smaller kid’s side and a bigger kid’s side as most big parks do, and the equipment featured tubes etc to pour the sandy floor through. Swings, slides etc.
The new park? Is AMAZING!!! I never thought I’d be so excited about a park, but it is really incredible (Mr H may have heard me mention this once or twice…) It has stuff for all ages! And I mean all ages.


It has an area for the younger kids, including a very small play frame and slide for very little toddlers, and a slightly larger play frame for the more adventurous toddlers and pre schoolers. There are sensory items, musical tubes, and a ‘bridge’ with textured and uneven flooring.

Making music

There is a great big tall play frame with huge slides for the big kids and teens. And it still has the zip wire that was very popular in the old park.

It has an accessibility swing suitable for wheelchairs.

Wheelchair accessible too

 There are areas set up for imaginative play, a train and train station which I can see will be transformed into shops, houses, schools etc by many kids!

All aboard! Choo Choo!

It also still has some of the ‘old’ play equipment, slightly updated, which sits in its own area and makes use of the sand flooring. You can load it into buckets, run it up conveyor belt, pour it down tubes and sieves, and dig it up with a sit on digger.

But I think what I loved the most is the tunnels and slides that are built into the ground! They are very impressive! G loves a tunnel anyway so he was pretty impressed too.

They’ve extended the grassy area around the park too, so there is plenty of space for playing ball games or having a picnic (there’s plenty of benches too if you forget your blanket!).

Of course a lot of money went into researching and building the new play area, but I would certainly say it was worth it. I was seriously impressed with everything. My only complaint is that for 7pm it was far too busy, and therefore I couldn’t sneak up and have a go on the big slide! G could easily have played there for hours. I can easily see that families could make this into a day trip, and that’s before the accompanying lido opens at the end of the month!

Are there any great parks near you?

Mrs H xxx
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5 thoughts on “Very Over Excited About the New Park

  1. I used to love going to ponty park when i was younger. My mom would take me loads of times in the summer holidays, had loads of fun there. The new play area looks really good. Be great to see what the new pool is like. x


  2. laurasidestreet says:

    We visited this place two weeks ago and it was so beyond manic that we left after about 2 minutes but will visit again when it’s quieter and the kids have gone back to school as it does look pretty amazing

    Laura x


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