Organix Cereal


All the cereal G has tried

*Disclaimer: I was sent two boxes of cereal for our opinion but was not required to write a review, we also won a competition and received three more boxes along with some Nuby goodies. Neither Organix nor Nuby asked or expected a review and all opinions are my own (and G’s!)* 

Breakfast is not my favourite meal of the day. I know it’s really important to eat breakfast, but it just makes me feel sick if I eat too early. It also means I’m not very enthusiastic about making it for G or plan it enough to vary it much. Sometimes there are pancakes or French toast, but mostly its porridge or weetabix. G enjoys it so it’s not too bad (trust me he’d soon tell you if he didn’t) but I just wished I could mix it up a bit. 

Then I got sent some new Organix muesli to try. 


The first boxes arrived

Two flavours, “banana peach and apple” and “raspberry and banana muesli” and G LOVED them! I don’t think I’d have bought them before as they’re quite small for the price (compared to plain porridge) but I think they’re good to mix up the choices a little, and introduce a bit more flavour to his mornings.

Loving his museli!

Posting a picture of G enjoying his muesli also won a lovely prize from Organix and Nuby! Three more boxes of cereal, this time we got to try multigrain mini cereal puffs and banana and mango porridge, as well as another box of the raspberry muesli. 

The porridge went down great, but it’s very smooth (because it’s good from 7 months) so I like to stir it in with some normal porridge oats to keep the textures ‘grown up’, this also meant the box went further! 

The jury is still out on the cereal puffs. I can’t say that he doesn’t like them, but he always gives me a puzzled look for the first few spoons, and he won’t eat anywhere near as much as other breakfasts. They’re good to have as a two part breakfast, i.e. get a few spoons of multigrain goodness in him before passing him a pancake 😀

More to try


The other great thing about our prize was the Nuby products. A sippy cup (is there such a thing as too many of these things!?) and a snack pot. G takes his snack pot everywhere! The favourite snack is cheerio’s (more cereal talk!) and the pot means he can be more in control of his snacks, instead of me handing them to him. 

He has however discovered that he can pull a handful out and scatter them around the room….thank goodness for our cordless Dyson!

Our competition prize


Taking the snack pot everywhere!


What do you do to keep breakfast interesting for your littles? 
Mrs H xxx


3 thoughts on “Organix Cereal

  1. laurasidestreet says:

    Great review – we are about to start weaning our little man and will opt for Organix because it’s organic and thats something that is important on our household. Thanks so much for sharing

    Laura x


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