Camping with a Toddler

Family selfie in the “HerniVan”

Last week we went on our second camping trip as a family of three. I mentioned before that everyone thought we were crazy going on our first trip, G was 3 months old, but it was so easy! But this year we took a toddler. A walking, running, has his own opinions toddler. It was not as easy as last year!

Home Sweet Tent

We’ve been camping at the same site in the Gower for around 9 years, and Mr H has been going even longer. We love how quiet and family friendly Oxwich camping park is, and it has lovely owners who welcome us back each year, and a fab swimming pool. We love spending time there.
The day we got there was very windy and our gazebo took off down the field, which was not a good thing. Mr H patched it up with cable ties and a lot of tape but we’re not sure it’s going to make another trip, which is really annoying as it isn’t that old. But apart from that incident Mr H got everything set up, whilst I fed G lunch alfresco style and ran around after him.

Lunch tastes better in the sunshine

Late in the afternoon my parents drove down to visit us, check out our little camp set up and join us for tea. The original plan was to have a bbq but by the time we thought about eating we needed to go buy the meat and start the bbq. It was bad planning when you have a toddler that needs feeding! Bad Mummy alert! So we went and asked the owner of the site and he recommended a little pub about 2 or 3 miles away. We were so glad he did! It was the best meal out we have had in a long long time! For a start they had one of my all time favourites on the menu…whitebait! It’s almost never on a menu so I was so excited! All of our food was just delicious.


The first night was a lot harder than we were expecting. G is usually a pretty good sleeper and the thought of all the running around and fresh air he got in the day, I was expecting it to be so easy. It was not. He refused to settle for hours! And when you’re already extra tired it was not welcome! 

Through the night did not get any better. My little guy who has been sleeping 8-8 most nights was not playing the game. After not going to sleep until 11pm he was then awake and screaming by 2am. And 3am. 4am. 5am. Eventually we had to get up. I’m usually pretty calm about sleepless nights and crying (not all the time!) but I was getting really stressed with the crying because I knew it was probably disturbing everyone in the field! Luckily no one was that close to us, but I was still feeling bad. And that was annoying me because I don’t usually stress too much about what other people think about things that I can’t control.
And then we discovered them. All of them. The worst possible timing. Molars! ALL OF THEM! I’d heard that molars were particularly tough, but all 4 on their way at the same time. Poor kid!

Breakfast! We’re not very fashion consious when camping

The next day was great; we had beautiful weather, and planned a bbq for that night. We drove to our usual shop for supplies and picked up some yummy treats. G fell asleep in the van, and he’d been fighting a nap, so we drove to Rhossili Bay so we could kill some time and let him sleep for as long as possible. He needed it after the night before! It was so beautiful there. We didn’t get out of the van, but it was nice to just park up and chat whilst G was sleeping.

Lovely views at Rhossili Bay

I don’t think a bbq tastes better than when you’re set up in a field, lots of fresh air (and a dark fruit cider in hand!). We always over cook when we have bbqs, but how can you decide on just one meat? If there are burgers then there should be sausages, and who can resist a chicken thigh or kebab? Ok so we’re a little bit greedy when it comes to bbqs but you may as well whilst the coals are hot right?

Helping Daddy with the washing up

The second night was just as bad as the first, so we decided to make it our last day. It wasn’t fair on G to be suffering with his teeth when staying in a travel cot. When I’m ill all I want is my own bed.

Morning walk with his BFF

We still had a great day though! We went back to the pub we’d had the lovely meal in and had a great full welsh brunch. We spent some time in the pool, splashing and jumping. There was a LOT of running around the site, chasing birds, climbing trees, and getting biscuits from the site owner. G was having the best time! We’d have stuck it out another night but we didn’t think it was fair on G, or us! Poor Mr H had to pack up everything by himself, whilst I chased G EVERYWHERE! Excursion wise it was a pretty equal deal. G can certainly out run me now.

I was out run!

Overall it wasn’t the best trip we’ve ever had, but you can’t time teeth! And it won’t stop us going again, we’ve already got a big family trip planned for August Bank Holiday weekend, and we’re hoping we can squeeze another trip in during the summer. Maybe even a night away for just the two of us as well. We still love camping! 


Every camping trip needs bunting…every where!

Do you enjoy camping? What age were your children when you went camping? Or have you never been?

Mrs H xxx

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10 thoughts on “Camping with a Toddler

  1. So sorry to hear your little guy was teething and had a couple of rough nights but like you say, you can’t time these things! I’ve always wanted to go camping with ours but have always been worried about the sleep element. Camping is ace though isn’t it #CountryKids


    • I think as long as you don’t expect proper sleep routines it’s ok, but it was rough as he was so grumpy! It’ll be good when we go with family because there’ll be more to distract him (and five minutes for us!) x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like the local pub was a real gem and a definite pick me up that you all needed with a teething toddler. I hope those molars are all through now and he is happier, what a shame they came to annoy you all on your camping trip but it sounds like you made the best of things even on no sleep! Thank you for sharing your adventure with me on Country Kids.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for linking up with Outdoor Food on Friday! Love feeding kids outside! No mess to clear up, though sorry to hear about the teething. and mmmm whitebait. I love the Gower, my parents live near there , seeing the pictures made me want to camp there too


  4. Camping can actually be fun with a toddler eh? 🙂 we had fun camping at Blissfields Festival and I’m 2 years old. A lot of sleep disruption for my folks though! We’re actually off this weekend too. Hope the teething gets better! Here’s to many more adventures. I hope you are not put off! x #CountryKids


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