We Love Camping 

Our camp set up 2014

Since me and Mr H got together camping has been a shared love. One of our first ‘dates’ as 16/17 year olds was spent in a tent, in a car park in Porthcawl, laughing –drinking- with friends (not strictly a ‘camping’ trip I realise) and we’ve been on a camping holiday at least once a year (often more) for the last almost 10 years we’ve been together.
Last year was no different. Lots of people looked terrified/confused when we told them we were still going camping, and taking our 3 month old baby with us. They said we were brave/crazy/stupid. But it was so easy! You could put him down and he wouldn’t move, he slept in a swaddle sleeping bag and was easy to layer up or strip down, he was fairly quiet, and he loved the fresh air and went swimming for the first time. We even stayed an extra night because it went so well.

Look how little and peaceful he was


This year is the year I wonder if we’re crazy! Now he’s 14 months, running, walking, babbling and generally getting into mischief. He’s also going to be sleeping on a ready bed and not a cot for the first time. This year is going to be interesting!
Over the years we’ve collected up quite the hoard of camping equipment. It’s not glamping by any means, and we haven’t got to the same standards as my in laws (who’ve been known to take a rug, floor lamp and actual fridge) but we find it comfortable, even if we only started using an air bed last year (several duvets are much comfier than air beds deflating in the middle of the night).

I’ll be creating come printables (I hope!) to share with you all soon so you can join in the camping fun!

Have you been camping? Do you love it or hate it? What are your tried and tested tips?
Mrs H xxx


7 thoughts on “We Love Camping 

  1. It’s so glad you can keep the tradition alive even whilst your family grows! I love camping too, although I’m also partial to taking rugs etc, more for the fact I like to make it super cosy and comfortable.. a fridge however though I’d struggle to fit that one in the boot of the car haha.
    I hope it goes well x


  2. I love that your in-laws take a fridge! We’ve not been camping as a family yet – with three aged 5.5 and under it might be a bit hectic but we are hoping to go maybe next year or the year after. Good luck and I look forward to hearing how you get on with it! x


  3. We went as a family for the first time last year and loved it. I think i’ve finally started to like it after seeing how much Eva enjoyed it. The hubby and I climbed mt Kilimanjaro years ago and that put me off camping for a long time afterwards lol. x


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