Getting Outdoors

It’s been so good to be getting some proper summer weather and get outside to enjoy it! I dream of living somewhere that gets all seasons properly, but until that happens, we make the most of what we can when we can. Especially the sunshine!


‘Helping’ set up the pool

We set the pool up in the garden a few weeks ago, but haven’t used it as much as we’d have liked, so we kicked off this week with a family ‘swim’ in the garden. It was a bit too cold for G at times; he much preferred standing on the other side of the pool and throwing things in and splashing.

We’ve bought a splash pad that you can hook up to a hose and I’m looking forward to trying that out in the next few weeks (please don’t go summer!) I think he’ll like that a lot more.


Sand and water EVERYWHERE!

We’ve also set up the sand and water table last week and so far had only used it for water play. This week we added the sand! There were two separate sections of sand and water for at least 2 whole minutes before they started to become one…on the floor! It’s been brilliant to get involved in some messy play (outside!) and I got totally lost in pouring slushy, soggy sand over my hands whilst G had fun throwing it on the floor. Now I’m looking to Pinterest for more messy fun ideas we can do with the table, and hopefully incorporate some learning too. Paint and shaving foam are top of my list so far.

Next it’ll be tree climbing!

Now that G is walking (aka sprinting) we’re getting out a lot more, and enjoying parks or even simple fields and open spaces. He gets so excited by the freedom, finding leaves and sticks, and just feeling the grass. It’s so great to see, and I hope this continues long into the autumn! Think of all the great nature collages I…I mean G can make with all the autumn leaves!




What are your favourite messy activities?

Mrs H xxx

Linking up (for the first time!) with #CountryKids

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