Our Week 29-5 July 15


Monday – Oh sunshine how we love you! Everything feels better in the sun. More time in the garden playing with the sand and water table. 

With molars on the way we need all the help we can get with teething, and you can call me hippy (it won’t be the first time!) but I do believe the amber anklet helps, so it was great to get to recharge it properly in the sunshine and not on a towel on a radiator –down my bra-, makes my hippyish soul happy.

Recharging in the sun


Snuggles watching Doctor Who in the afternoon. I love that G actually seems to enjoy it, as geek parents it’s a relief 😀

Eggy bread and ketchup for tea…embrace the mess seems to be my life’s motto!

Embrace the mess!

Tuesday – family pool time! This was also the day I got brave. I braved wearing a bikini in my own garden. But why should it be brave? Why should it be an odd thing? So I posted my bikini pic on instagram. All the comments I received were lovely, and I’ll be honest and say that if there had been a not so nice comment it would have hurt. But I’m working on loving me now, and not when I’m thinner.

No filter!

G got filthy dirty playing with the sand and water again, and found some mud along the way. I enjoyed playing with the slushy sand too. The kid will do anything to have a bath!

Wednesday – after a bit of a lazy day in the house with a veggie heavy fajita bowl (aka ran out of tortilla wraps) for lunch, my mum picked me and G up to go to the Tongwynlais Festival for the evening.

Fajita Bowl

It was quieter than I expected it to be which was a shame, and it was disappointing to be too big for the go karts! G absolutely loved the big band, but they finished quite early which he was not amused about.

Aplauding the band…but wondering where they’re going

We had a quick visit to see some family too, and I very nearly came home with a baby bunny! I’m still thinking that we’d love to have one, but it’s probably better to wait until we’ve moved later in the year. They were so cute though…
Thursday – work. Overtime. But Mum did take us for a Joe’s ice cream on the way home so it wasn’t all bad!

Friday – my wonderful hairdressers managed to find me an appointment! I always leave it too long between appointments, so it always feels so good to have a little bit of pampering. A few caramel highlights, roots touch up and trim and its strange how much better I feel. Is that a bit vain?

A trip to the park after tea was the first time I’ve seen G being completely free in such a large space to run wild. He loved it, I think he’s going to be such an outdoors kid and I’m keen to encourage it as he grows, it can be such an educational place (without them knowing). He loved collecting sticks and leaves, and feeling the grass.


Exploring in the park

  Saturday – work. Blog post procrastination and Harry Potter. This sums up my day!

Sunday – work. Bit of packing for next week’s camping trip (but I imagine most of that will be last minute) and finally some blog writing.

One of my favourite photos this week


What was your favourite day of this week?

 Mrs H xxx


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