Our Week 22-28 June 15

This week was a great beginning of the week, but a bit of a down by the end. Nothing serious, just a bit of that bleurgh feeling that hits us once in a while.
Monday – I went for my first ‘solo’ run/walk in the morning. 2 miles with no pram (no where to put my keys/phone etc!) it was nice but next time I need to remember to take the ipod, because it was a bit too quite with no music and no G to talk to.

In the afternoon G decided that sleeping was for the weak, so we went for a walk to ‘persuade’ him that an afternoon nap isn’t so bad. It also left Mr H in peace to sort out his tax…the joys of being self employed! Another 4 mile walk, most of which G slept through! I think he knew we were planning to eat out in the evening and needed to burn some calories in advance. I even squeezed in some extra ‘workout’ from a trip to the park.
In the evening me and Mr H went for a ‘date night’. Originally we’d planned to visit the Smokehouse, I’ve been craving some really good ribs. Well to be honest I’m always craving ribs and anything in bbq sauce! But it turns out the Smokehouse is closed on a Monday! So after a re think we decided to see if the hype around Five Guys was true. And it was!! Definitely not diet food, burger, fries and a LOT of pop. Their ‘soda machine’ has every flavour pop you can think of and is refillable as much as you want. Raspberry coke is the new love of my life, they really need to bring that out in bottles!
Tuesday – G had stayed at my parents after date night, and was taken to a farm and barry island for the day, and as Mr H was in work, I had a day off! A proper day to myself, I slept for as long as I wanted, did a bit of tidying, worked on the blog and watched the Goonies. It was a great day…but then felt really guilty about it by the end of the week.

Normally G stays over at his grandparents on the weekend for when I’m in work, so having him stay out that ‘extra’ bit during the week felt like I didn’t see him enough this week. Especially as he was at my parents again Wednesday evening for me to be able to go out for a blog review.
Wednesday – me and G spent the day being silly, playing, tickling, laughing and blowing bubbles. I’d bought lots of little tubs of bubbles for his party bags back in May, and a lot less children came than I was expecting so we ended up with a load left over. But they’ve been so handy to keep him occupied! He could sit and chase the bubbles all day long if you’re willing to keep going!

In the evening as I mentioned I went to the Everyman Festival to review their first show Blackadder the Third. You can read all about it here.
Thursday – we had a lovely day, just the 3 of us lazing around the house. Nothing special or much to write about really, just a nice day 🙂
Friday – I was a bit down on Friday, nothing really the matter, just one of those days were you feeling a bit sad. Mostly it was feeling sad and guilty about G being out so much last weekend, during the week and this weekend too.
Saturday – work. This seems to be happening every week :/ The evening was spent at my parents, watching the Indy Car racing with a shandy or two and some naughty nibbles.
Sunday – that W word again 😦

But it’s finished with seeing some friends we haven’t seen in ages, talking about where we’re going to move to (hopefully soon!) and chip shop tea, so it’s not all bad. 
Mrs H xxx


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