I Love the Theatre – Everyman Festival

*Disclaimer: I will be receiving a free ticket for the opening night of each show in return for honest reviews. All views will be my own. Any info regarding dates, ticket prices etc have been sent to me as a press release that is correct at time of posting* 

I love the theatre. It’s been and is a huge part of my life. Since joining an ametuer dramatics group when I was 14, it’s shaped a lot of who I am today. 

Sound a bit “over dramatic” for just joining am dram (pun intended)? Well if I hadn’t joined I do think I’d be a lot less confident, I can still be shy when first meeting new people but can approach better than I could before.

I don’t think my speaking/telephone voice would be as good. It’s not the best talent to have, but I’m pretty proud of my phone voice. That and the ability to improvise helps in my job in customer service! Not sure I’d have had the skills to be so good otherwise.

I met my first boyfriend and had my first kiss. Sure I’d have met someone else, but then it wouldn’t have been the same! But most importantly, I wouldn’t have met my husband! Nothing sounds like true love and destiny more than meeting your future husband whilst singing in a show he’s doing all the lighting and technical bits for! We’re practically a True Movie 😉 

I’ve probably mentioned it before, but Mr H is a lighting designer/theatre tech/set builder etc, and I’m not sure we’d work if I didn’t love theatre too! 

The Everyman Open Air Festival is an annual event, showcasing a great variety of productions and I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to go along to review the shows. There’s always four productions; a play, a musical, a Shakespearean play and a children’s show. This year has a great line up. Blackadder the Third, Sweet Charity, As You Like It and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr. I’m not likely to be able to make it to all shows due to work/child care, but I’m hoping to make it to at least three. 

I’m especially looking forward to seeing Blackadder brought to the stage, it’ll be interesting to see a tv classic on stage and possibly played a little different. I also can’t wait to see Sweet Charity! It’s one of my favourite musicals (the list isn’t exactly small, but it’s up there!) but I’m really going to struggle to not sing along, particularly Rhythm of Life, sorry if anyone ends up sat next to me! 


Returning to Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, the festival opens Wednesday 24th June until Saturday 1st of August.

Although it’s an open air festival, all of the seating is undercover, so there’s no fear of a soggy seat! There’s also going to some yummy treats there, Otley sponsored bar, Fablas ice cream and Dusty Knuckle Pizza Company!

Tickets for Blackadder the Third, Sweet Charity and As You Like It are £12-£16. Tickets for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr. are £8 each or £25 for a family ticket for four people.  

For more information and to book tickets online visit the Everyman Festival website:

everymanfestival.co.uk or call the box office on 0333 6663366.

Wonder if I’ll see any of you there? Come say hi if you spot me! 

Mrs H xxx


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