Our Week 15-21 June 15

Monday – weightloss is a constant struggle for me. I lose some, gain some, find a new diet/workout to try then eventually fall out of love with it again. There’ll be a full post and update sometime in the future. But exercise needed to be upped, so Monday I started running again, in preparation for the race for life in July. I managed 2 miles (4minute walk, 3minute jog) and I did feel so much better for it!


Red faced but happy

Tuesday – the weather was lovely on Tuesday so we set up G’s sand/water table that he had for his birthday, and Mr H set up the pool for the summer…I mean for now!? G couldn’t wait to get stuck in and start splashing about!
I gave up a little of the afternoon to get back to Curves gym. I’ve been really bad at going since we got back from holidays, and I do really enjoy it when I get into it.


Splish Splash!

Wednesday – we had a pretty lazy day as a family today. The weather wasn’t as nice as yesterday and we we’re all feeling a bit tired. Think G has another tooth on the way so he’s been a bit sniffly and whiny at times. Not too bad but a day of playing with his own toys in his own house was needed.
I went for another quick trip to Curves. I finally faced up to it and went for a weigh and measure, I’ve been avoiding it for a long time. It wasn’t brilliant news but it wasn’t as bad as i was expecting!
Thursday – one of my friends called over in the afternoon, with her little boy, to join me for a run. It turned into a walk and was shorter than i was expecting. She came back for a coffee and a chat after, it was nice to have a bit of girlie natter, and a cuddle with a squishy baby!

I ended up going back out later in the afternoon, just me and G, to make up for the shorter walk. I was pretty pleased with myself!

Friday – Mr H has been working loads lately, so family trips out have been few. He was working in Porthcawl in the evening, and my parents had already arranged to have G Friday night (ready for me to be in work Sataurday morning) so we decided to enjoy the day at the beach together. It didn’t go quite to plan! It wasn’t a bad day, just not what we had expected. More on that to follow.
Once G had been picked up by my mum, and we’d spent some of the evening at Mr H’s work (cue me skulking at the back of a theatre with my phone’s light on dim trying to join in with the #mblogger chat and #BritMumsLive tweets as much as i could!) we went for a curry with friends. That was much better than the rest of the day!



Saturday – I work weekends, so unless there’s big excited text in CAPS telling you I had the weekend off, let’s just assume the days were spent in an office and were not exciting enough to write about!
The evening was a lot nicer, spent under a gazebo eating lovely food and drinking a few ciders. A little gathering to celebrate my lovely cousins’ birthday.
Staying at my parents for the night as Mr H was working late, I was up far to late cathing up on all the gossip and news from #BritMumsLive! Hoping I get to go next year, seems like so much fun.
Sunday – work.

Father’s Day had to be postponed! Both us us were in work today, Mr H until very late, so we’re going to do something nice together tomorrow.
Finally got my baby boy back home and to myself! That’s the worst thing about working, the time without my boy. I try not to feel too bad, because he has a great time with all the grandparents, cousins and extended family, but I miss him so much!
I read a fantastic post from BettyandtheBumps about working, and I related to it so well. I don’t feel guilty so much as I feel sad to miss out.
G was a bit over tired and grisly going to bed, I think I may have felt a new tooth but he wouldn’t let me check. He fell asleep cwtched into my chest, and it was wonderful! It’s been a long time since he’s done that.
Mr H was home from work earlier than I’d expected, and brought a delicious lasagne a friend had cooked for us. Not a bad end to the week!

What’s been the best thing about your week?

Mrs H xxx


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