Our Week 8-14 June 15

I’ve been noticing that a few bloggers have started a weekly catch up lately, and I’m jumping on the bandwagon! I struggle with writers block a lot, so this is a great way to help with that and also keep a bit of a diary of what’s going on in our lives, not just the ‘big’ blog posts.

Monday – I’m still struggling to keep on top of the house work. I’ve posted before about new schedules or ways of de cluttering that I found (usually on Pinterest) but it’s not working. And with G now one I don’t feel like I have the new baby excuse anymore! 

So now I’m trying something else…again…Monday is now cleaning day! So not the most exciting day, but I cleaned and it felt good!
Tuesday – A bit of a mummy and son day. Relaxing (in our pjs) most of the morning, and then out to the Play Loft to burn energy, work on his walking and climbing…not too sure why we’re encouraging this though! After Play Loft was a quick visit to my parents where I got G changed ready for a birthday party. 

He had a fantastic time at the party! It’s the first birthday he’s been invited to since he’s been walking and he so enjoyed being able to walk around with all the other children instead of just watching. 

He did however have his first fight with some concrete. G tripped over the leg of a slide and got a little graze on his arm and chin, but some bubbles and party food soon fixed everything!

New favourite snack pot

Wednesday – this was a less fun day. It started with being woken up at 7.30am by the neighbours having their chimney removed. When you live in a terraced house and are attached to said neighbours’ chimney this is particularly bad! It’s fair to say I was less than amused with our wake up call. Surely after 9am would be a more sensible time to start work!? 

The day didn’t get any better for poor G…one year jabs. To be fair to him he did pretty well, the crying was over pretty quickly, but the nurse got one hell of a stinking look off him! All memories of her knowing what his sonic screwdriver was, was thrown out! 

He was his usual self by the time we saw the health visitor (the nice one. There’s two and one I can’t stand) and was fine until bedtime, he had a slight temp, but calpol fixed it.

Recovering with a little help from Fireman Sam

Thursday – our original plans fell through, so we just enjoyed a quiet family day at home, just the three of us, until Mr H had to go to work. We dropped G off at Nan and Grampy’s house for the night, ready for us both to be at work Friday. 

Thursday evening is my turn to host #bepbb on Twitter, if you don’t know, it’s a great way to remember the good stuff even if your day wasn’t the best.
Friday – I had work. It’s not my favourite place to be, mainly because I miss Mr H and G like crazy. After work and a quick change I went to a work colleagues wedding party. Stayed on the soft drinks all evening and felt better for it. Work looming the next day.
Saturday – again not very exciting! In work for the day, but I did get a surprise McDonalds’ breakfast bought for me which was gorgeous! Not at all healthy eating plan friendly. Failing.

G spent the day at a fete with his Nana, Uncle and cousin and had the best time! Bouncy castles, Thomas the Tank and puddles were some highlights. I’m very jealous!
Sunday – again with the work. Seriously getting in the way of the fun! After though was back to my mum and dad’s, reunited with my beautiful boy! A scrummy chicken simla for tea (delicious mild curry-like sauce served over pasta, no one ever knows what it is but it’s a family fave) and sat down to work on the blog, join a Twitter chat and watch the Indy Car race! 

Feet up to watch the Indy Car

Hope you’ve had a good week!

Mrs H xxx  


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