Dear G: Happy Birthday, You’re One!

Everyone says it, and I’m sure it’s something we’ll say every birthday, but how fast did that year go!? Last year you were a tiny bundle who barely filled size 1 pampers, and now you’re toddling around and shouting like a tiny drunk person!
You can say – Dad (a lot!), Mum, yes, fish and cat. There’s a whole load of other noises that could be words, but you’re usually babbling so fast and loud it’s hard to tell!
You can sign – finished and more. Usually when it’s about food!
You can – walk! You’ve been walking between me and your Dad for a little while now, but the last day or so you’ve been walking off things by yourself and going further by yourself! We are so proud of you and you’re so proud of yourself too, there’s never been a bigger smile! As well as being proud we’re also a little scared…you get up to a decent speed when crawling let alone running!
You have – 8 teeth, and more on the way. Teething is cruel for poor babies to go through, but your Amber anklet, bongela, calpol and lots of cwtches are helping.
You like – lots of stuff! Cheese and pasta are your fave foods but there’s a lot that you like to eat, and on holiday you tried lots of new things like calamari and sardine pate. You love the swings and climbing the wrong way up a slide. You’re always looking for birds to wave to in the sky (they’re no good unless they’re flying, the birds at the zoo walking around you weren’t that interesting!) and you love waving at people walking past and waiters in restaurants. You like to watch Charley Bear, In the Night Garden (especially Upsy Daisy) and Mr Tumble. You love music, you clap and smile and dance. If you’re standing you bob up and down to dance and if you’re sat down you kick the one leg. You love theme tunes and adverts too. Your favourite song is Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars, but there are loads that you like.
You don’t like – raw veg or salad, ice cream (how am I supposed to bribe a child who doesn’t like ice cream!?) You don’t like to be stopped moving! Car seats and baby gates are the enemy, but the pushchair is allowed.
You’ve been – to lots of places! Your first holiday was camping in Oxwich when you were 3 months old. Then at 4 months Nanny and Grampy took us to Tenby for a week. They also took us to Portugal when you were 11 months old. Your first trip to the beach was Barry Island when you were very little; we went with Nan and your cousin. Your first pub was the plough in Whitchurch when we went for Daddy’s birthday, you were 8 days old! You saw lots of animals for the first time at Folly Farm, your favourites were the penguins and the meerkats, and you loved the dolphins, sea lions and fish at Zoomarine in Portugal. And you loved riding the Ferris wheel. Your first time swimming was when we went camping, it was too cold for you to stay in for long so we put you in an inflatable boat and you fell asleep!  
You are – the most amazing little boy, you are clever and funny, you’re happy and you’re serious, and we think you are so handsome! You’re loved more than you could know.
Love you Baby Boy xxx


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