50 Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged by the lovely  Cardiff Mummy Says to share 50 things that make me happy and to pass it along! So here are the completely random things that make me happy. It was great to sit and list them all out, made me remember its all the little things in life that make me happy, and I probably could have gone on for a lot longer 🙂 

My boys – my husband and son are my everything






Family time

Going to the beach

Random and unplanned day trips

Going to curves gym

Finding a £10 note in forgotten purse/bag


Fairy lights


Singing and dancing 

Being pregnant – I’m not, but I loved it, and look forward to it again

Lists 😉 


Bedtime snuggles


Disney films


Clean bedding

Walks to the park (and playing of course)


Eyebrow wax

Getting my hair done

Birthday parties

Cloud watching 

Sleeping through the night!

Trips to the cinema (and popcorn!)

A lamb roast dinner

Coke cola

New nail varnish


Mountain views 

A pool in the garden

Autumn leaves

Pugs and Frenchies

Joe’s ice cream 

The Gower

Sleepy babies stretching

Thunder storms


Eating out

Date nights

Too much tv

Polka dots

Baby wearing


Now I want First Time Valley Mam and anyone else who wants to join in to share their lists and spread a little happiness!

Mrs H xxx


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