Holiday Wish List – Baby’s Carry On Edition

*disclaimer: none of the products/brands in this post have asked us or compensated any purchases to write this post. This is purely based on what we have bought and use as a family.

With just a few days until our holiday we’re getting stuff packed and ready to go. All of G’s new holiday clothes have been washed, pressed and packed, most of Mr H’s is done too and some of mine, although I still need to do a little bit of shopping! 

If it’s not packed it’s probably on a list. So here’s my list for what’s going in my carry on bag for little G. 

Food – if you know me at all you won’t be surprised this is top of the list! Although, for a change, it’s not about me eating (much). Our flight leaves around 7 o’clock in the morning, which means we’ll be at the airport a couple of hours before. Assuming G follows a rough idea of his normal schedule, breakfast is due mid flight, and rather than risk needing to feed him high salt packet sandwiches or worse nothing at all, I’m going to take his favourite porridge in a Nom Nom Kids pouch to have ready to hand whenever he decides it’s time for breakfast…about 4 am I’d guess! I’ve also bought Koko spoons that screw onto the pouches, which is really handy and leaves out the need for a separate bowl. Less to pack and less risk of being launched onto a poor unsuspecting air hostess! 

I’ll also be packing a pot or two of G’s favourite snacks, most likely Cheerios or some Organix cheese and herb puffs, as they’ll keep better for longer. We picked up some great Nuby snack pots in an Aldi baby event a little while ago which have been perfect for keeping my little guy eating on the go. 

Drinks – this one will be pretty easy, we’ll empty G’s Nuby cup before going through security and refill with water once we get through to the other side. The only thing we’ll be taking through is a SMA carton of ready to drink milk, incase of a nap emergency! Checking the airlines liquids policy we can take sterilised water and milk powder through, but the thought of a tub of milk powder exploding over everything was too much. Plus there’s slightly less equipment needed with the ready milk. 

Toys – I’m planning a small variety of toys to interest/distract G, some noisy (airport lounge, away from people!) to guaranteed favourite cuddlies. Although if it does go worse than imagined on the plane, people are going to need to decide between upset child and Upsy Daisy catchphrases over and over! However, G is so nosy and interested in public places I can’t imagine him having time to be upset on the plane, more than likely will be too busy staring people out…it means he likes you or is intrigued, but generally it’s just unsettling to strangers lol. 

There’ll be a favourite highchair toy, not too nosy and can be fixed to the pull down tray on the plane. A light up, sound making rattle…it has an off switch! Waddles the penguin, his favourite friend, and Upsy Daisy, his close second favourite friend…who doesn’t have an off switch. Both of these I’m hoping to make some kind of reins for…can’t imagine anything worse than losing a penguin mid dash to check in! And I’ll take a book or two, even if he’s not interested in listening, turning the pages will distract him for a while. 

Incase of extreme emergency I’ll be looking to download a few child friendly games/apps to my iPad mini.  I’m not against kids using technology for playtime at all and don’t see it as a ‘lazy’ option as often is suggested. But I don’t want him to get too used to playing on it rather than playing with his toys, reading  books or watching what’s going on around him. However he is an extremely active little dude, and if some screen time is needed to persuade him to sit still a bit longer I’m all for it! Please tell me Mr Tumble has an app?! 

Spare Clothes – I’ve been lucky to never really need to carry spare outfits. I did when G was really little incase of puke/poopsplosions, and lately I carry an extra jacket or jumper for a change in weather, but I just know if I don’t pack one this once, that’s when it’s going to be needed! So an extra pair of leggings, vest and tshirt are going to be packed into a ziplock bag “just in case”. 

The essentials – you might think it’s strange that the ‘essentials’ are at the bottom of the list, but only because I’m so used to packing them into the changing bag that they’d almost be added on autopilot! 

Nappies and wipes. I really want to get one of those pretty clutch style bags that hold a pack of wipes and a nappy or two for quick trips to change. 

Sudocream, Vaseline and bongela. The holy trinity of my grab box, although I may need to get smaller pots due to the liquid restrictions. Pastes, creams and gels all count as liquids.  

And of course the all important Ouch Pouch, stocked up with Calpol incase of poorly ears! 

What else am missing? What could you never fly without when traveling with a baby/toddler? 

Mrs H xxx


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