First Aid Kit

This summer is going to be busy! We have our first family holiday abroad in about a week, a ‘staycation’ towards the end of the summer, and several camping trips and day trips planned for in between. Factor in a little boy who’ll be walking soon and I know we’ll be in need of some first aid at some point!

Practically belongs in a museum!

We bought this kit in a hyper value probably around 8 years ago! And it still had most of the original ‘kit’ still inside. Over the years we’ve used a lot of the plasters and some bandages, but have been lucky enough not to need the eye patches and some of the more obscure items. A lot of the items expired in 2009! So it was time for a freshen up and update of all of the contents.

Restocked and ready to go


The ‘master’ kit:



Insect repellent

Anti septic wipes


Burn gel

Hand sanitizer




Anti allergy

Heartburn relief

Anti constipation

Anti diarrhoea

Gel cool pack

Anti itch cream


Our ‘Ouch Pouch’


Whilst researching Pinterest for what other people are considering essentials, I discovered the first aid kit ‘spin off’. The “Ouch Pouch”! (As far as I’m aware this is a coined term rather than a brand, if I’m wrong please please let me know!) The Ouch Pouch is a smaller, more easily portable first aid kit, suitable for throwing into a changing bag or even handbag for days out, trips to the park etc.

Decorated with our Pirate plasters 🙂


The ‘Ouch Pouch’


Anti septic wipes

Hand sanitizer

Paracetamol/Calpol sachets

Ibuprofen/Calprofen sachets


Hopefully we won’t need to use most of this stuff, but it’s better to have it than not!

What are your first aid essentials? Do you carry yours with you?


Mrs H xxx


One thought on “First Aid Kit

  1. I must admit, I generally just chuck a couple of plasters in my bag but I have been known to take a bottle of calpol and a syringe. Really must get myself organised. I’d also add travel sickness pills (sadly they have just stopped making Joyrides).


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