Holiday Wish List – Traveling Outfit, Mum Edition 


After an hour (or 7) “researching” Pinterest for the perfect travel outfit, I discovered that I had pretty much wasted an hour (or 7), because all I’m ever going to wear is comfy jeggings, t shirt, cardi and shoes….but I’ve put in a tiny bit more thought to style and design. But not much!

Jeggings – these are a wonderful invention, that let me be comfy all day long, but still look like I’ve managed to get dressed out of pjs/joggers/holey leggings…yes I do know I’m a secret fashionista! But there is one thing I crave in a jegging to make them truly essential…pockets! Especially since I had baby G, I’m always going to need extra help to carry my phone or tissues etc, and I’m sure that they’ll be even more essential while flying!

Vest top/t-shirt – with all travelling, even just a short road trip, I find layers are best. So a vest top as a base and a larger oversized t-shirt that will be both comfy and (hopefully) stylish. I usually favour black, but due to the glamorous nature of travelling with a baby (mainly snot and dribble) I’m going to see if I can find a nice busy pattern to hide said glamorousness…that and I’ll probably spill my breakfast down it.

Cardigan – again with the layers, a nice cosy but not too thick cardigan will be perfect for travelling in. I’m also planning on baby wearing at some point, so it would be nice of it was long/big enough to go around the baby whilst rushing in from cab to airport, I’m guessing the traditional British weather will be there to wave us off.

Shoes – comfy shoes that are easy to take on and off are always a must for the airport due to security checks, but rather than my usual converse style daps, I’m thinking a slip on shoe is going to be necessity if I do end up wearing the baby through security. It’s going to be a lot easier if I don’t have to get someone to lace my shoes up for me afterwards! I am thinking a nice pattern to cheer the outfit up a bit, asking as it doesn’t clash with the top! 


So I’m not exactly going to win any fashion awards, but there are my travelling outfit must haves.

What do you consider essential travel outfit items?


Mrs H xxx

2 thoughts on “Holiday Wish List – Traveling Outfit, Mum Edition 

  1. I’m with you on the comfort! Slip on shoes are a must for me – my feet seem to get really claustrophobic on a flight so having to faff with laces if I want to get my shoes off/on is a big no-no for me. I find Topshop Joni jeans an absolute essential for the whole comfort vs style thing. They’re high waisted, so no risk of unnecessary bum flashage, they look like jeans rather than leggings (so have handy back pockets) and the fabric is stretchy and comfortable. I love them 🙂


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