“What Do You Do All Day?”


 It’s a bit of a cliché that gets asked frequently “What do you do all day?” I was on maternity leave for 10 months, and have been lucky enough to go back to work part time, only two days a week.  And to be honest, I ask myself this question all the time! I never seem to be able to get it all done and I don’t know why!

I struggled for a long time during my maternity leave, with tiredness and lack of energy. And I don’t mean new baby tired, the newborn phase felt great, I wasn’t getting tons of sleep, but it never seemed enough to make me want to do things or go places. But as G got older I seemed to get worse. Turns out an iron deficiency can really screw you over!

With that sorted, I do feel better and have more want to get out and do stuff. But I don’t feel like I am doing anything. Should I be more structured with our activities, should we go to more groups….any groups, do more crafts, music, and sign language!?

These days with blogging, twitter, Pinterest, there are so many examples and ideas to do with our kids, so maybe that’s why I feel I should? But G is so active and clever (yes I’m biased, but he’s awesome!) that I think I should be encouraging him a whole lot more!

So that’s what we’re going to do! Try new things, meet new people, and go to more places. And we need more at home activities! I’m going to try to write a little weekly schedule to make sure that I have an answer to “what did you do all day?”

“What do you do all day?” Do you have a schedule or just go with the flow?


Mrs H xxx


6 thoughts on ““What Do You Do All Day?”

  1. It’s an interesting question. I have planned groups and activities some days – I like to have that structure, otherwise I find I just end up hanging about the house and not achieving anything. But I always have a day a week where I don’t make plans so that I can meet up with friends or do something we fancy doing at the last minute, or if my children seem tired or grumpy, a quiet morning at home. I find having the school run for my daughter makes a difference, as we have to get out the house, and once I’m out, it’s easier to go straight and do something. With my daughter, my first, I did more structured groups, but now I have three children, I find I prefer the more informal drop-in playgroups and toddler groups. x


    • I think my problem is the lack of structure and plans, I do end up just kind of hanging around the house and not getting enough done. Sounds like a good balance of planned activities and free time is needed! I think it’s the more formal groups that intimidate me that’s putting me off.


  2. We generally have plans a few days a week – meeting friends at soft play and Sing and Sign are the usual things – but tend to have two weekdays with no plans so we can do what we fancy. When my little one was a few months old we had structured activities four days a week and it got a bit too much!
    Alana x


  3. Messed Up Mum says:

    I could’ve written this myself! I was anaemic and always tired, and then with my anxiety I was too scared to go anywhere, so what did I do with my days??
    Then when I did start going out I’d see on people’s Instagram their amazing days out and wonder what I wasn’t doing right as we were still just going to the local park and stuff. Then I realised people were only showing their best bits and not those days spent in watching Frozen! Now I do just go with the flow. And it works! X


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