Happy and Getting Healthier

Among my New Year’s resolutions was the obligatory ‘lose weight’. Except I want it to be more than just about how much I weigh, I want it to be about health and fitness too. I have a ridiculously over active 9 month old baby boy (he’s almost 10 months but I’m pretty much in denial) who is on the verge of walking. I struggle keeping up with him as it is, let alone when he starts sprinting off somewhere!

I broke down my overall weight loss into goals, the first one I reached and was very happy. But the second one I missed, by miles! And with the third goal set for the end of April (ready for our first family holiday abroad!) I really needed to make some bigger changes to my lifestyle. Calorie counting and extra walking just hasn’t been cutting it.

So this week I’ve gone back to the gym. When I say back, I mean I used to go for about a year before my wedding, and haven’t really been since. Just a 3 and a half year break…. although I did manage to fit pregnancy and post c-section into that. But still, enough is enough. So I’m back on the curves circuit, and I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it. I’ve even joined in with the monthly ‘squats and thigh’ challenge. I’m hoping to get myself a Polar or fitbit watch to help monitor my calorie burn more accurately to. If eBay is my friend that is!

I’m still sticking with the weight goals I’ve set for now, but I am prepared to adjust, as I’m also hoping to build muscle and I know this can affect how much I weigh. Mostly I’m hoping to lose a lot of inches and hopefully a dress size or two by the next goal.

And just as a recap, here are my goals as they started at the beginning of January.

Current weight (1st Jan 15) – 202lb Goal weight – 150lb

Goal 1 – 194lb by 29th January (made it)

Goal 2 – 182lb by 1st March (failed…big time)

Goal 3 – 166lb by 25th April (on my way!)

Goal 4 – 158lb by 23rd May

Goal 5 – 150lb by 1st July

Goal 6 – MAINTAIN!!!

Like I said, these may need to adjust due to muscle weight, especially as currently about 3% of my body is muscle!

Here’s to a healthier me 🙂

Mrs H xxx


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