Story Time Is My New Favourite

There are so many times of the day that I love, they’re all my favourite things and times, and there are also times I like less (bottle washing for example!). But lately we’ve got better at this whole routine thing with G, especially at bedtime, and teaching him to put himself to sleep without the help of my cuddles and rocking, so I have to make sure I get some good cuddle time in before I put him in the cot.
I’ve also had great fun growing a little library for G, I splashed out earlier today on 3 books to add to the collection…£1! That’s right, one whole pound for three books! Many of you will know the secret of course; it’s one I’ve indulged in for my own book collection for many years, the wonderful charity shops!

Another thing I love about our new daily addition to the routine is the bi lingual books I got given by my sister. I get to practise using the little Welsh I know, and learn a bit more and I get to share a new language with G.

Nothing beats sleepy, snugly cuddles with my gorgeous little boy, especially now he’s getting far too lively to sit still long enough in the day to cuddle!

Mrs H xxx


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