Weekly Wishes 24th November 2014

One month today is Christmas Eve! I am so excited and so unprepared. How am I unprepared, I started planning so long ago! As usual I’ve been thinking rather than doing, but at least we got a big chunk of Christmas shopping done last week, and I’ve written out nearly all of the Christmas cards, so at least that’s something! But there’s a lot of homemade and handmade things that I really need to get a move on with, and it feels like there is a ton of cleaning and organising left to do.

I’ve not managed to figure out how to balance Baby H and the housework yet. It’s getting there with the help of my checklists, but I’m still learning how. Mr H has been working a lot lately, but there’s a few days this week where he’s only working evenings and I’ll be dragging my lovely parents up, and they can all help keep Baby H entertained whilst I run crazy with the black bags, duster and vacuum! This week is especially important to get the cleaning done as our Christmas decorations go up next week!

This week I also found a new addiction…Costa’s hot spiced apple drink! It is heavenly! I’m not a coffee (or tea) drinker, and rarely drink hot drinks at all, except hot blackcurrant when I’m ill, so it’s unusual of me to like something like this. Mr H is a coffee addict, so a trip to Costa when shopping last week was needed to refuel him. That’s when I made this little discovery. So when I walked Baby H to his health visitor check up today, we took a walk into town after and treated me to another cup! And even better, I ordered a snowman sized cup (medium) and was given a Santa sized cup (large)!! So I had plenty left over to reheat this evening, and I get to use my favourite winter mug from a german Christmas market. It’s boot shaped!

Ok, ok, I’m waffling! Just putting off the inevitable where I have to tell you how well I did with my wishes…it’s not great. Infact it is a great big fail right across the board!

Order online Christmas gifts – nope. Did nearly all of the main shopping, but didn’t manage to do any online!

Make a Christmas present – nope. I bought and sourced supplies, but they’re no good in pieces!

Shorten curtains – I suck. The sewing machine didn’t come out, the curtains didn’t get shortened. I really could do with getting it done before the Christmas tree goes up as its right infront of one of them.

So this week I need a rocket where the sun doesn’t shine to get me moving!

Finish the big clean – I want everything sorted before the decs come down from the attic next weekend.

Cook more for the freezer – Baby H is now up to 3 meals a day, I’m down to 1 plus snacks! More homemade ready meals needed.

I reckon both of those things should be able to be done in rota or at the same time. If I manage to get some of last weeks wishes done in between, that would be great!

Mrs H xxxIMG_0628.JPG


One thought on “Weekly Wishes 24th November 2014

  1. I also cannot believe how soon Christmas is! Sounds like you have a lot of juggling to do – good luck with it all. I do hope we have the Costa hot spice apple drink here in England too – I’m going to hunt it down, it sounds heavenly! Have an awesome week x


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