Stir Up Sunday

The last Sunday before advent is one of my favourite days in the run up to Christmas, it’s Stir Up Sunday, the day I make our Christmas puddings! This year its the 23rd November.

When I was little I always knew my Nan made puddings for Christmas dinner and for the family members who asked for one, but I don’t remember ever helping or seeing them being made. And I can’t remember when I found out about stir up Sunday. I do know that a few years ago my Nan decided she didn’t want to make puddings anymore, but for me there is something about Christmas where I like to make as much from scratch and be homemade as it can be. I enjoy these kinds of activities anyway, and even more so at Christmastime! Plus if it’s a Christmas activity that means I can listen to Christmas music right!?

One of my favourite things about making your own pudding is the traditions that come with it, getting the family together to mix up the pudding and make a wish. I always get everyone living in the house to have their stir and a wish, and this year will be no different. Maybe Baby H won’t make a wish, but he’ll definitely have a stir of the pudding! Even if he’ll have a little help!

I’ve used the same recipe ever since I started making puddings, and as nice as other recipes sound I’m just too scared to try out something new that’s for Christmas dinner! The only ‘tweak’ I make to Queen Delia’s recipe is a layer or brandied cherries that top the pudding. I soak glacier cherries in brandy or cherry brandy for a few days and put a few in the bottom of the pudding basin before putting the mix in. Then when it’s turned out it has a beautiful ruby jewlled top.

Do you make your puddings? When do you make them?

Mrs H xxx


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