Weekly Wishes 17th November 2014

It’s Christmas shopping day for the Herniman Family!! Baby H is spending the day with his Nanny and Grampy, whilst Mr H and I are off into Cardiff and hoping to get it done in one day. Well with the exception of online orders and handmade gifts. We may have to make stops for refuelling ourselves too!
Armed with the master list of whom to buy for and a rough idea of what we’re looking for, and with the days wardrobe carefully considered (can’t have too many layers, too hot in shops. Can’t take too few layers, too cold outside – it’s not an easy task!) We are off into battle! And I am very excited for it! We try to go shopping around this time every year, it’s close enough to Christmas to have all the gift sets etc out, but far enough away to not be crazy busy and send me homicidal. Shops do have that effect on me when they have too many people there! It’s not an attractive quality, I’m aware, but other people shopping drive me crazy! Wish us luck!

Last week’s wishes were focused on me. It was time to be a little bit selfish, and start looking after myself a bit better.
Keep sticking to the diet – I did go over slightly on my planned calories on one day, but other than that I stuck to it pretty well. My weight stayed the same though, so a little more effort needed!
Walk more – this one was a bit of a fail. I relied a little too much on the app that I downloaded, and it crashed! I also didn’t get out as much as I would have liked to, but I did some walking, and that’s better than none.
Get dressed everyday – with the exception of Wednesday (when I stayed in my cleaning slobs, so valid reason I think) I did it! Got properly dressed, brushed my hair (you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget this!) and wore make up when I wanted to. It may sound a little shallow, but it helped improve my mood. And seeing as I hardly left the house, it was definitely something I did just for me.
So it wasn’t a perfect week, but I don’t see it as a fail, more a work in progress. I’ll be keeping up with these wishes from now on too.

This week:
Order the online Christmas gifts – seeing as we’re getting most of the shopping done today (fingers crossed) I want to get as much ordered as we need to so we’re not stressing over postage times closer to Christmas. So far it’s mainly photo calendars for the great grandparents. A great excuse for me to look through photos…this may take some time!
Make a Christmas present – with a few handmade presents planned, I’d like to get at least one more finished this week. Which mainly means I need to clear the dining room table and get the sewing machine out.
Shorten living room curtains – ok, it’s hardly exciting, but I’ve been meaning to do this for months! And if I’ve got the sewing machine out, they need doing.

So fingers crossed we survive the shopping, and get stuff done!

Mrs H xxx

The Nectar Collective

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