Super Sunday

Yesterday was a big day for Baby H. It wasn’t supposed to be quite so big, it was just Sunday dinner at Nanny and Grampy’s house, and then the Christmas lights switch on in Whitchurch Village. The light switch on was going to be a big deal, Baby H LOVES lights, and I don’t mean he’s mildly amused/distracted by them, I mean he is mesmerised and needs them ALL. It’s in the genes, what else could I have expected from marrying a lighting designer! So we knew that he would enjoy that, and I was making a bit of a big deal out of it. As an ex-Whitchurch girl myself, it’s been years sinc3e I’ve managed to make it to the big switch on, so I was also over excited for myself!
But way before this, whilst I was cooking dinner at my parent’s house, there was a shout from the living room. “There’s a tooth!” I literally dropped what I was doing and ran into the room, and sure enough, right at the front of his little gums, a sharp corner, and the very beginnings of his very first tooth!
At lunch he tried bread for the first time, and loved it! He was a little over adventurous at times, I was thinking he’d just chew on it until it was mushy, not bite huge chunks off and actually eat them! And if that wasn’t enough, I’d forgotten to take his sippy cup. I only realised this after Baby H was munching on his bread, and could do with a drink to wash it down. This didn’t faze my baby boy though; he just shared his Dad’s water…out of a pint glass! The funny thing is, he drank better out of the glass than his sippy cup!
After all of that unexpected excitement we walked down to the big switch on. I wore our Baby Bjorn style carrier (please not it is NOT from that brand, it’s just the best way I could explain the style) so that Baby H could face out. I knew the Papoozle wrap would have been comfier for me, but he’d have missed so much of the lights, and probably wiggled himself half out of it every 5 minutes trying to look. He was in his element! He loved looking at all the lights, and seeing all of the people and children. I wasn’t prepared for the fireworks display though. We didn’t go out for Bonfire Night, so he’d never seen, or heard, them before. When the first bang exploded, he jumped, well we all jumped, and I was worried he’d freak out. But he loved them too! He didn’t stop watching every colourful light. See. Completely obsessed!
So Sunday was first tooth, first bread, first pint(!), first fireworks and first Christmas lights!
We’re looking forward to many more!

Hope your Sunday was great!

Mrs H xxx


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