Weekly Wishes 10th November 2014



I’ve been feeling a bit bleurgh about myself lately. Tired, ill, and generally just bleurgh…it’s a real word. Trust me. I’ve just got a bit lazy when it comes to looking after myself. I’m not annoyed with myself or anything daft like that, I understand why I feel like this, and I’m also not suggesting that there’s anything wrong with how I am. My baby is not quite 6 months old and I certainly don’t think us new mums should be dropping weight and dressing up as if we’re failures if we don’t become the ‘perfect woman’. But I don’t feel like me, and that’s why I want to do something about it. For me, so I feel better, not because society ‘expects’ a size eight 4 weeks after birth….society can swivel!

So this week’s wishes are all about me.


Keep sticking to the diet and healthy eating – I’ve been trying to eat healthier, and cut back on the amount of calories I’m eating. There are occasional treats, but they are treats instead of daily choices. I’m keeping to it with the help of MyFitnessPal, and I’m down 10lbs so far.


Walk more – I downloaded a pedometer app and have been hitting the daily step goals, but they’re not very high. I want to get moving more.


Get dressed every day – I said I’d become lazy! If I’m not going anywhere in the day I just seem to stay in my pyjamas or joggers. And it’s making me feel lazy and slobby. Pj days are supposed to be a treat, not a lifestyle choice! So every day this week I’m getting dressed, sorting my hair out (shoving it all up in a bobble on top of my head does not count) and putting some make up on if I feel like it. For me. Because I want to feel good.


What are your wishes for this week?


Mrs H xxx

The Nectar Collective

2 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes 10th November 2014

  1. iamlindsay86 says:

    I found your link on Weekly Wishes #77 and I am here to WISH YOU WELL! I am currently prego, and already worried about that after baby-bleurgh you speak of because at 30 weeks I’m getting bigger, slowing down, feeling the BLAH. I’ve been trying to get out the door every other morning to take a walk. I have a Fitbit that tracks my activity all day and that is really helping me get motivated. Bottom line though: YOU CAN DO IT! Loving your blog, can’t wait to read more;)


    • Thank you so much! It’s honestly not that bad post baby, honest! Don’t worry about it too much, there’s so much more to be enjoying, I’ve just hit a bit of a plataeu. The fitbit sounds great! I’ll keep you updated on how I’m doing, thank you so much for visiting 🙂


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