Winter Survival Guide from the Over Dramatic

Winter Survival Guide from the Over Dramatic

So it’s a little over dramatic, I live in the UK, we’re not going to get more than a few inches of snow (if any at all!), and I’m planning a “Survival Guide”!? I’d say it sounds a lot over dramatic! But there is some reason behind this post. We are a one car family, and Mr H has a LOT of work on, which will run right up to Christmas, so if the bitter winter we’ve been warned about does arrive, I want to have a few essentials around so that I won’t have to drag myself and Baby H out in the cold/rain/snow/wind if I don’t have to, or drag my parents up to us. So here is how I’m planning to ‘prepare’ for winter!

Salt, salt, salt: Even if it doesn’t snow, we’re almost definitely going to get ice or frost, and having to get past the handful of concrete steps in or out of our house can be a bit treacherous, and I’m clumsy enough without having to carry a baby over icy steps. Earlier this year when the cold weather passed, the salt/grit mix went on sale, so we bought a good few bottles of the stuff, I’ve dug it all out and got it ready to go.

Snow shovel: Another post winter bargain, we bought a snow shovel for 75p! It’s out of storage and on standby just in case.

Winter Woollies: I need to dig out all of our hats, scarves and gloves for us, and buy some for Baby H. I want to get them all ready so that they’re easy to get to, not have to search for an hour before going out because one of us is missing a glove or can’t find a hat. I’ve also brought out the blanket throws and given them a wash ready for snuggling on the sofas and watching films, they might help delay the need to put the heating on for a little while anyway.

Food Supplies: I’m not one for panic buying bread and milk when the bad weather gets here, but I was thinking about how I can prepare some basics now, without having to buy another freezer to store bread in. I’ve started making a bigger batch of whatever I’m cooking and freezing a few portions, that way there’ll be something easy at hand at short notice. Also handy if I can’t be bothered one day!

Instead of freezing loaves of bread, I’m going to make sure I’m stocked up on flour and yeast, which I’d have in the baking cupboard usually, and then we can enjoy fresh baked bread. Come to think of it I’d rather do that even if we can leave the house!

Milk…there’s no escaping that; I’m just going to have to freeze a few pints. But I’m not going to go overboard, just a few single pints, which won’t go off either if it’s not all used. I also want to get a little stock of Baby H’s formula milk ready, we seem to live ‘tin to tin’ so I’d like to make sure we always have at least one in reserve.

Blackout Supplies: WARNING, this one is just plain over dramatic. There’s no hiding this one as anything but, however I do want a rough idea of what I can do if the electricity goes down. I can barely remember having a serious blackout, one that’s actually lasted over 20 minutes, but I can’t help it. Maybe it’s the new mother in me, more than likely it’s just my over dramatic/over thinking tendencies. Completely, almost definitely, not needed. But just in case, I’ve put all the candles and matches where we can get to them easily, and brought the extra duvets down from the attic. I’m also trying to keep my phone charged up as best I can, I’m terrible for leaving it run out, especially when I’m out and about, so I should keep it charged anyway.

Now the major, extreme, over reaction, came to me as I was thinking about what I could put in this post. I suddenly realised that every appliance we have to cook food is electric! Electric oven, electric hob, microwave. So just in case, I’m planning to get our camping stove and gas bottle out of storage (at Mum and Dad’s garage) and bring them up here. It just makes me feel better knowing that we’d be able to boil water for Baby H’s bottles, and heat up some food for us (from the stash in the freezer) if the electricity did ever go down.

So there it is. Mrs H’s over dramatic Winter Survival Guide. All the ‘weather people’ are predicting a really bad, bitter, long winter. If it comes I’m prepared. More than likely it’ll be lovely and warm and this post will be completely useless, when was the last time they ever got the weather forecast right!?

Mrs H xxx


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