The Big Winter Clearout



I know you’re supposed to have a ‘Spring Clean’ but I seem to have the biggest clean and clear out in the autumn. It’s because I know the Christmas decorations are coming out soon, which means furniture gets moved, pictures will be swapped etc, and I don’t want to have to pause during decorating day (it’s a major event in the Herniman House calendar!) to do a bit of dusting or hovering behind the sofa because it hasn’t been done in a year, I mean a month or so.

I’ve also struggled with getting myself into a routine with the housework, I’d like to say it’s since Baby H came along, but if I’m honest I’ve never had one, or been good at regular cleaning. I just seem to let it build and the blitz it all in one go. Not only is this tiring and annoying, it also means I’m scared of having unexpected visitors in case the house isn’t in a good state. And I don’t mean a state that my Nan would be proud of (that would never happen!) but just a general clean and tidy state!

So taking inspiration from the lovely kindly sharing her daily cleaning routines, and from the FlyLady routines and zones, I’ve come up with my own zones for deep cleaning and daily routine. I’ve spent as much time this week deep cleaning the whole house, so I can start again with the routines. Then the idea is to cover a zone a week for deep cleaning, as well as keeping up with the general day to day cleaning. I love a good list, so I wrote them up with little check off boxes. If I’m honest I enjoyed making the checklists a little too much. I’d have made them printable but I started them when the laptop was still poorly, so it was good old fashioned pen, paper and felt pens! Maybe I’ll get round to computerising them soon, but for now they’re in a wipe clean poly pocket, so they’re reusable.

I’ve also started 40 bags in 40 days challenge. So not only am I deep cleaning, but I’m decluttering too. Just in time to fill it all back up again with Christmas presents and Boxing Day sale shopping. I’ve not actually found 40 places to declutter, which I suppose is a good thing, but 26 bags in 26 days didn’t sound so great. And I thought I could add stuff on if I thought of any more.

I’m not looking for a show home, but I’m determined to have a nice clean and tidy home to show off over Christmas and beyond!

Wish me luck!


Mrs H xxx





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