I’m Back, Take Two

Well that ‘come back’ was fairly short lived wasn’t it?! Had a bit of an issue when my laptop died, I just can’t write long enough posts on my phone, make my eyes go squirmy and there’s a lot of spelling mistakes

Anyway, I seem to be back up and running laptop wise, so fingers crossed I’m good from now on!!

Last time I posted about my weekly wishes, which were: finish a craft project, plan our winter survival, and take 5 month photos and meal plan more. I’m pretty pleased to say that I managed all of these!

The craft one I may have stretched the meaning a little, as I finished a really small project and not any of the bigger ones I wanted to, but technically I finished.

I’m going to be posting my winter survival later, it’s not as drastic as it sounds, but we’re rumoured to be having a really bad winter. I don’t know if this is true, but I do know that we’re a one car family and Mr H has a LOT of work on, so I’d rather be prepared than left home with the baby and running out or needing to go to the shops for something.

I didn’t take as many 5 month photos as I’d have liked, Baby H has had (and still has) a stinking cold, so his patience was limited, but I got enough. And now it’s almost time to take 6 month photos! Excuse me whilst I take a moment to cry in a corner somewhere!

I’m getting a little better at meal planning, not quite perfect, but certainly thinking about it more, and that’s what I wanted. I’m also going to start planning Baby H’s meals for the week so I stop guessing what to give him or what he’s already eaten.

Ok, so I like to post my weekly wishes on a Monday and have all week to work on them, so I’m not going to make any on this post, I’ll just get round to posting everything else I have planned and get back to wishes next week!


Mrs H xxx


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