Snail Mail, I Miss You!

    As much as I love using the Internet for blogging and social media (and I do!) there is a part of me that misses getting good old fashioned snail mail. It would be nice to get something interesting in the post, instead of just bills and junk mail.

   When I was about 6 we moved to a different city, and my best friend and I used to write to each other in between our trips to visit, and sleepovers. We used to tell each other what was going on in our lives, family, friends, school, and we’d draw each other pictures or write stories about our imaginary adventures.

   Although there’s a lot of talking, commenting, sharing pictures online, and I do feel like I know my Instagram girlies better than some of my real life friends, there’s still something special about taking the time to write, draw, make something, package it up nicely and deliver it to the postbox. I think that’s why if I ever make anything as a gift or to sell, I always like to include a handwritten label or thank you note, and take the time to make it a bit more personal.

   What do you think? Do you miss snail mail too? Or do you prefer to email? Do you have pen pals or are you looking for one?


Mrs H xxx

*picture found on GoogleIMG_9275.JPG


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