Weekly Wishes 21st July 2014



Can someone please tell me what happened to this last week!? Seriously, I seem to have lost an entire week! It seems like last night I was writing out my weekly wishes, and here I am to update what I’ve done and set new ones. No idea how it went so fast!

Well I definitely managed one wish in particular this week, walking! Not too frequenty, but Tuesday we babysat my friends little boy for the day, and we walked to the park, around the town and home again. About four hours in total! How the poor little guy still had his legs attatched by the end I’ll never know, but he insisted he wanted to walk.


Ok so lets see how this week went.

Swap the summer and winter wardrobes – I’m quite ashamed to admit I still haven’t got this done! It desperately needs doing, but also is quite a big task, and I just don’t seem to be getting to it.

Get two month photos taken  done! it will probably take me forever to sort out editing them, but they’re taken and I’m happy, even if I didn’t manage to coax a smile out of G.

Book hair appointment it’s booked, it’s still two weeks away, but at least I’ve booked it!

Send thank you letters posted!

Order Filofax refill – I haven’t, but only because I spotted some really cute free printable planners on Pinterest, so I just need to buy an A5 file instead, much prettier too!

Finish holiday packing lists I’m not promising that I won’t rewrite them several times, and colour code them, and change my mind, but for now they’re written. Love me some lists!

Go for more walks two long walks complete! And I really enjoyed them too.


This week I’m going to make some new wishes, and not keep repeating the ones that I haven’t done.


Write a decent twitter bio – it’s really basic, but I’ve just realised that I don’t have one…and I keep trying but it’s sounding really naff. Need to sort this.


Look for a new blog theme – I like this one, but think I could do with a freshen up.


Try a new craft or recipe – I’m getting back into the kitchen a bit more since G arrived, but I’ve barely looked at my craft corner.


Start reading a book – another thing I’ve been missing since G, it’s not his fault bless him, but I’ve been relying on mindless crappy tv for my entertainment, think it’s ready to start engaging my brain a little more.


And that’s all I’m going for this week. Small and simple, anything else I can squeeze into this week will just be a bonus.


Have a great week!

Mrs H xxx 





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