Weekly Wishes 14th July 2014

It was a bit of a rough week for G this week. It all kicked off with a tummy bug at the start of the week, his first illness. Not exactly one for the “baby’s firsts”‘calendar, poor little thing. And then because that wasn’t enough fun, Wednesday was his 8 week check and jabs. So as the bug started to wear off he then got hit with that.
So anyway that’s my excuse for not getting everything done, although I think I made more of a dent in the list than I thought I would by midweek.

Plan future blog posts – I’ve written down a few ideas, and keep a list handy to add to when I think of more

Start a planner – well I did and I didn’t. I found an old Filofax that I wanted to use, I thought it would be easy to change the dates and recycle the old diary inside, to save buying a new refill. Turns out it just makes it look messy, and sharpies bleed through the pages. So I’m using it temporarily, until I get a new refill and some coloured pencils to brighten it up.

Write blog posts – yes! I want to get more written up in advance, incase of busy times, but I have written and posted this week, and I’m happy with that.

Take G’s two month photos – they’ll be done this week, probably Wednesday, as he wasn’t really well enough this weekend, and the lighting today has been dreadful.

Fill out tax and dvla forms – they are filled in! Need to post them though…..

Swap winter and summer wardrobe – major fail, I didn’t even start it. Really need to get it done this week, there are too many clothes cluttering up our bedroom and spare room!

Start writing packing lists for our holidays – I’ve started! Mainly on our camping trip list, now to get that one and our Staycation list finished.

Take G for 8 week jabs – done. He took them really well, the aftermath was not so fun.

Book hair colour and cut – it was urgent. It’s still urgent.

Book dentist – the pain was not good, one wisdom tooth removed and I’m all good! Yay!

Send thank you letters – nope. I’ll add it to this weeks list.

Get phone upgraded – no, currently not very happy with my service provider so I’m looking at maybe changing rather than upgrading. Something I need to look into.

So all in all I don’t think I did too bad, considering I set a pretty big list and there were some unexpected distractions.

This weeks wishes:

Swap the summer and winter wardrobes – Clothes are taking over the house, this needs to be done!

Get two month photos taken

Book hair appointment – still urgent!

Send thank you letters

Order Filofax refill

Finish holiday packing lists – look at dates to go camping too

Go for more walks – I’ve started watching what I eat a little more, now I’m going to add some more exercise to the days too

Hope you have a great week!

Mrs H xxx

The Nectar Collective



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