Roasted Red Pepper and Sweetcorn Frittata

This was ridiculously easy, and you can change the ingredients to fit with whatever you have in the kitchen or to use up leftovers. As long as you’ve got eggs you’ve got frittata!
The following recipe is what I made for lunch today, it was yummy! But like I said change the ingredients to your own tastes.

1 roasted red pepper (I used one from a jar)
1 cup frozen sweetcorn
1 large potato
3 eggs

First I “baked” the potato in the microwave, it’s cheating but I just needed it cooked through.

Dice the cooked potato into small cubes.

In a medium sized, deep frying pan, fry the potato cubes until starting to turn golden and crispy. For added flavour I used garlic oil.

Season potatoes with salt, pepper, and a large pinch of smoked paprika

Chop the pepper into similar sized pieces as the potato.

Add the pepper and sweetcorn to the pan and cook for a minute or two, until the sweetcorn starts to defrost.

Beat the eggs well, and pour directly into the pan, try to cover all the ingredients and gently pat down any that are not sitting in the egg.

Cook for a few minutes on a medium heat, until the edges on the top start to set.

Put the pan under a medium hot grill until all of the egg has set and cooked through.

Sprinkle as much diced mozzarella as you like on the top and return to the grill until melted and bubbling.

Enjoy! This is good hot, served with a cool, fresh salad or left to cool it’s great picnic food or as an alternative packed lunch to the same old soggy sandwiches.

Cheer up your lunch breaks with a tasty frittata!

Mrs H xxx20140707-231530-83730108.jpg



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