Weekly Wishes 7th July 2014


I know I’ve been missing (again!) I was never the most regular poster before, and then I went and had a baby. Definite lack of commitment for the blog! But I want to be better, so as a start I’m joining in with the weekly wishes link ups, and hopefully this will help me be more pro active with this blog and in life! So here are my Weekly Wishes for this coming week, it’s a big list, so maybe a little high on expectations, but I feel like I need to aim big! Let’s see what I can get done! Let me know what your plans and wishes are for this week and we can encourage each other!


  • Plan future blog post ideas
  • Start a planner, include blog posts, personal appointments, menu plans etc
  • Write blog posts!
  • Take G’s 2 month photos – buy tissues for my crying
  • Fill out tax and dvla forms
  • Swap winter and summer wardrobes and put case back in the attic
  • Start writing packing lists for our holidays
  • Take G for 8 week jabs – more tissues for me
  • Book hair colour and cut – urgent!
  • Book dentist – more urgent!! Pain is not good!
  • Send thank you letters
  • Get phone upgraded


Yup it’s huge! But most are trivial little things or the start of things, I need a good kick up the backside!

Wish me luck!

Mrs H xxx


 The Nectar Collective




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