What’s In a Name?

Most pregnant women I know have a nickname for their bump/baby. And they’re generally self explanatory. “Bump”, “Bean”, “Peanut” etc.
We also have a nickname for our little man, although it’s not quite so usual, and has sparked a lot of conversation amongst most of the family, and I’m sure there’s more out there wondering, who haven’t asked yet (and possibly wondering about our sanity!). So let’s take five to explain Baby Herniman’s nickname….Stormageddon, aka Stormy.

Fellow Whovians out there need no explanations, and those who know our Doctor Who obsession are simply rolling their eyes at us…we don’t mind, we’re used to it now!

During the Matt Smith era there was an episode where he went to visit his friend Craig Owens, played by James Corden, who has recently had a baby. During the Doctor’s “conversation” with baby Alfie (because of course the Doctor speaks baby!) he says that he likes the name Alfie, but prefers to be called “Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All”.

And quite simply, that’s it! There’s a baby in Doctor Who, and we’ve nicked his nickname!

The funny thing is, everyone is quite liking Storm as a name! Perfectly “normal” top 10 names have been suggested, and rejected by other members of the family, but Storm has been accepted! I don’t think we’re quite brave enough to use something so “out there” as Storm, although it may not be a top 10 name, but I think “Stormy” is definitely a nickname that will stick.

Mrs H xxx



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