Where Did January Go?!

Seriously what happened to the entire month! One minute I’m making New Years resolutions, and the next we’re on a countdown to valentines day!
Ok so maybe the New Years resolutions weren’t a big success in January. Not so organised and not much blogging! But I did manage to post for every tag on the http://www.fatmumslim.com.au challenge…even if they weren’t on the right days! If you do follow me on Instagram I promise to try harder in February to post daily and not clog up your feeds like yesterday!

So January, what happened? Well I turned 25, Mr H’s little brother turned 14, and I feel a lot older than I should!
I first met Mr H’s youngest brother when he was 5, and I’ve helped out with birthday parties that have had games, and cake and piñatas. This year we weren’t even allowed to stay for long, and all the guests turned up looking like they were going clubbing! The days of party games have long gone for this one.
Luckily we’ve started on the next generation that I can inflict my party planning, themes and fancy dress on! Lucky kids!

My 25th was an appropriately grown up day…breakfast, bowling and more food! Even if I did need some assistance bowling, the ramp was used on a few occasions, and Mr H had to help lift the heavier balls onto the ramp! I still didn’t win though!
Breakfast at Frankie and Benny’s with Mr H, pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, so good! And Mr H arranged for the staff to bring out a little brownie with a candle in and they all sang happy birthday….I am an attention seeker and loved it!
After breakfast and bowling it was off to see my family, before we went out for a meal later in the evening with my parents.
It was a good last birthday before my next one as a mum! And I was well and truly spoilt!

There wasn’t a lot of crafting or cooking done in January, though my recipe for welsh Cawl (lamb stew) and dumplings was requested so that will be going up a little later.
I’m currently writing up my list for craft projects for Baby H that will be worked on over the next few months and posting the results/tutorials once I’ve finished them. We have got the most fantastic bright coloured polka dot fabric for curtains and accessories for his room which should make some great projects.

Well that’s enough waffling on for now! I’ll be back soon…promise!

Mrs H xxx


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