Why 2014 is going to be amazing


There was a very brief introduction in my welcome post, but it’s time that the newest member of the Herniman clan has a proper introduction, especially as we now know a little more about him!

At 20 weeks and 5 days we know that Baby H is actually Baby Boy H, and he’s due to arrive in May this year. A real challenge to my be more organised resolution!

We don’t have any names that we love or agree on, but Baby H seems happy enough about this, somersaulting away and giving me little jabs now and then. They’re not strong enough to feel from the outside yet, but I think a few more weeks and Mr H will be able to feel them too.

As far as pregnancy goes I have been very lucky! A mild case of nausea and occasional sickness in the first few months seems to have passed after about 17 weeks.
The exhaustion also is lifting, moving house during the first trimester was not the best idea, poor Mr H practically moved by himself bar a box or maybe two! I am feeling more energy now, and less tiredness and napping during the day.
Generally I feel great though! I never thought I would feel the most confident about myself and my body when it’s going through these huge changes. I hope it lasts past birth, it’s such a relief to stop worrying about my shape, size and weight. Obviously post birth I’ll be thinking about shaping up etc, but I hope it’s because I want to be healthy for my family and not because I’m worried about what people think of my size.

Talking of size, at the halfway stage Baby H is around 7 inches long, and weighs about 11oz. It’s crazy to think that this tiny little thing is going to be arriving in the world in less than 20 weeks, hopefully weighing a lot more (but not too big!) and screaming his way into our lives. I have never been so excited about something so life changing and scary. And I couldn’t wish for anyone better to share it with than Mr H.

So I think 2014 is going to be the best ever, whether I stick to my resolutions or not. Because 2014 is going to bring the biggest, most exciting change ever. Our beautiful baby boy!

Mrs H xxx




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